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If you know the name of a piece of software (complete or abbreviated), if it is distributed as shareware, freeware or demoware, there are lots of ways you can find it on the Internet and then download it.

You can also search for a piece of software according to its functionality, and browse through the categories, reading the comments. This is often very well organised.

The following page is a complement, for sites about freeware, only.
  1. Jumbo Jumbo
    More than 200,000 pieces of software. But it often takes a long time to access.

    (Don't use AND, OR, or "")

  2. MediaBuilder    MediaBuilder
    A site all about multimedia, images, audio, video, VRML..., in two ways. First a software library, shareware and freeware, with a very detailed presentation of each program (a screen shot for each one). Also Active X controls and "plugs-in". Then an image library rich in background textures, animated GIFs, icons, borders and lines, so you will be able to beautify your site... There are a lot of pages and you have to learn how to find your way around...

    More than 170,000 files are available for easy searching, browsing, and downloading from shareware and corporate archives on the Internet. According to Newsweek, " does for software what Yahoo did for finding Web sites."
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    Others Search Options

  4. Tucows Tucows
    The success of Tucows has been so great that the US site has mirror-sites all over the world. This is just as well, because access times were too long. The address provided is for a German site that is frequently updated. To go to the US site, click here.

    One of the most complete sites for Windows 95 software, very well organised and with a good commentary. Alas, it often takes too long to access.

  6. Winternet Québec Winternet Québec
    My favourite site for finding Windows 95 software, in French. Less complete than, but faster access.

  7. ZDNet Software Library ZDNet Software Library
    This search engine is powerful, and enabled me to find lost software, news also. It is now much visited and is sometimes too slow.
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    Search on Macintosh or Macintosh + PC

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