De Futuropolis à Ringardopolis
From Futuropolis to Quaintopolis - Introduction

From the imaginative to the quaint
The French science fiction comic
The future, but also the "futurized" present...
    The comics on this site are set in the future, but also in the present with some futuristic elements. Super-heroes for instance...

    Heroic Fantasy is excluded, and also comics that mix fiction and prehistory (or that involve some post-holocaustal return to a state of nature), and stories with purely humorous content.

    I have selected only French comics, created before 1986 (the date of Epsilon. This does not mean that all the creators were French, nor that the first publication was in France, but that these series first became popular in France.

    The listing of comics is not intended to be exhaustive, so the selection of titles, beyond the criteria already cited, may seem arbitrary.
This site is still under construction : some links are not operational.

Cool French Comics
    This site exists because it was first created in the USA, written in English by French expatriate Jean-Marc Lofficier. At first, it was hosted on the Starwatcher site, now it is in the site entitled Cool French Comix.

    It was so cool that I wanted to create a French mirror site, or rather half-mirror, because I wanted to give it my own direction, and Jean-Marc was happy for me to do this, thanks!
    • So I kept only the titles that fit the above criteria. Out of 78 titles listed by Jean-Marc, I chose 42. So if you want to see Arak, Satanik or "Le rayon U" (The U Ray), you will have to go to Starwatcher's Cool French Comix Site. Also, of course, if you don't understand French. But the images are not always the same on both sites...
    • At the bottom of each page, I provide a link to the corresponding page on the "Cool French Comix" site, except for the new pages I have created and which have not yet been translated by Jean-Marc.

    That's the lot! I now hope that you will enjoy your visit to the site or to the Cool French Comics site !

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