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This site stopped on march 2005. However, I present these complementary links on new Ataxx games : Aquataxx, Android Ataxx, Ataxx Arcade, Bio Ataxx, Blob Wars, Brothersoft Ataxx, Consumed, Contagious, Green Thumb, Guest Infection, IG Ataxx, Iphone Ataxx, Outbreak, Palm xAtaxx, Reflexion, Sheep me, VBAtaxx, xAtaxx for Palm, xAtaxx for Pocket PC, Yann Ataxx, Youvscomputer Ataxx
Hexxagon : Gamezone Hexxagon, HappyPenguin Hexxagon (Flash), Neave Hexxagon (Flash), Nesqi Hexxagon, Tantric Hexxagon
Variants : Brainking Ataxx, Jataxx
A.B., 10/07/2011, + 16/7/2011
  • 18/03/2005 : a screenshot for the legendary 7th guest Microscope game
  • 29/02/04 : for Pocket PC, two games in one, the Gems Attaxx and the Gems Hexxagon
  • 29/02/04 : on the Web, Lutz Attaxx a javascript game and Spazio Ataxx an online game for Italians
  • 29/02/04 : Splat Ataxx to do "Splat !" on his Mac
  • 29/02/04 : Sucks and Sucks 2 are two old Ataxx of 1993, for Dos and Unix
  • 28/02/04 : Mobile Ataxx the first Ataxx for phone (on Symbian OS)
  • 28/02/04 : the Gtk Ataxx for Linux, the Heroic Ataxx for Java and the GPE Ataxx for Palm Pilot
  • 17/03/03 : the Pytaxx is an Ataxx for Python.
  • 31/01/03 : the Engulf Attaxx was hidden, now it is shown
  • 27/11/02 : the 2002 Attaxx, a new Ataxx for Windows in 2002
  • 27/11/02 : the Swing Ataxx, a java game, to begin
  • 26/11/02 : a java game rich in options, it is the XO Ataxx
  • 25/11/02 : two games on line, the polish Zagraj Ataxx, and the brasilian Diego Ataxx
  • 25/11/02 : we are now at hundred games of Ataxx/Hexxagon/variants (77 Ataxx, 15 Hexxagon, 8 variants), and the Aquataxx does the honour of the Aqua interface of the new Mac OS X
  • 25/11/02 : Kvirus, for Linux KDE 1 of 1999
  • 25/11/02 : wxAtaxx, runs on Linux and on Windows and on the Mac...
  • 25/11/02 : Atakks !, to begin on Linux and Windows
  • 24/11/02 : XO/GGI Ataxx, an Ataxx against a Web server.
  • 24/11/02 : Palm Ataxx, an Ataxx to play in the palm of the hand.
  • 22/11/02 : Globule 2002, is a variant in DHTML where you play alone against 3 players.
  • 22/11/02 : Jagex SlimeWar, to play on the Internet, between internauts.
  • 22/11/02 : GBA Ataxx, for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance.
  • 22/11/02 : G Hexxagon, is a cool Hexxagon for the Gnome environment of Linux.
  • 12/12/01 : Zillions Hexxagon, an other game among the "Zillions of games" + a page of photos about the Leland Ataxx
  • 12/12/01 : A PPC Ataxx for Microsoft pocket computer
  • 22/07/01 : two new Hexxagon games, the Palm Hexxagon and the Flash Hexxagon, one for the Palm Pilot, the other for the Web with Flash.
  • 03/07/01 : one agaist three with Spots, a full screen Windows game
  • 09/06/01 : the game Ataxx 64 for Nintendo 64 is available.
  • 28/05/01 : full of variants with Zillions of games
  • 16/02/01 : seing the page of his game Attacks, Scott Biggs remembers...
  • 14/10/00 : the strange worlds of Colony, a Direct X game
  • 29/08/00 : screenshots of the Amiga Infection
  • 27/08/00 : a demonstration version of Blobs is available
  • 25/08/00 : the first Ataxx for PC, Spot (1990, on Dos) was lost... It is now found, it is there...
  • 14/08/00 : The very first Ataxx, the Amiga Infection, is available, yes !!
  • 02/08/00 : Attax 2000, a french and friendly Ataxx
  • 29/07/00 : an Ataxx for and the Gnome desktop, the GAtaxx, and, soon avalaible, Ataxx 64 for Nintendo 64. And a new management of the menus of this site.
  • 28/07/00 : an Ataxx to play on line on "The Big Network" : Morph
  • 27/07/00 : some new details on the Origins, with update fot the Amiga Infection
  • 25/07/00 : waooh ! The discovery of the two inventors of Ataxx ! Of the invention date, of the "how"... All is explain on the page Origins
  • 24/07/00 : the Leland Ataxx runs on Windows, with the MAME emulator, see the page Mame Leland Ataxx
  • 22/07/00 : more informations about Infection! Before Virgin Mastertronic, it was made by Wise Owl Software on Amiga. See our page Origins. Yiu will see how Infection became Ataxx
  • 12/12/99 : a huge event: the discovery of three games older than the Leland Ataxx : the Amiga Infection, the Spectrum Infection and the Amstrad Infection, so that, of course, there are major modifications to the Origins page (to be read first!)
  • 11/12/99 : Excel Attax, a game for the Microsoft Office program
  • 11/9/99 : new Ataxx on line, DHTML Tw33ty, with many options
  • 4/7/99 : E as in Event, E as in Extreme, E as in EAtaxx, E as in Extreme Ataxx, the most powerfull Ataxx, whose source is freely available
  • 8/6/99 : the Nutsy Ataxx is not an Ataxx, but a new variant
  • 23/5/99 : on the Ataxx Pilot page, the DV Ataxx is a variant of the DaVinci devices
  • 16/5/99 : screenshots and installation notes for three Ataxx on Linux-KDE : xAttax, Tk Attax Williams and Tk Attax Vetter
  • 17/4/99 : a Z80 hexxagon, yes, for the old Sinclair computers !
  • 176/4/99 : Chisholm Attax, a new US java game

1997 and 1998 additions are listed on this other page.

Thank you for helping me... Write to me. A.B.

Do you have a good knowledge of the Atari? I have very little information about Reaction and the MiNT Ataxx. Please search, and if you find any, I'd be most grateful if you could pass it on!

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First french version on april 1997, the 7th
First english version on june 1997, the 21th
Illustration above: Rondão Attax

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