Search engines on the Web

These engines show the addresses of pages that contain the word(s) you have specified. When it is a large page, you then have to use the "search" command in your browser, to find these words.

  1. Alta Vista Altavista
    Allowing compact searches in what D.E.C. claims is the largest search index on the Web, Alta Vista will help you to find information. There are also indexes of the Usenet News Groups.

    in return results as

  2. Les Chroniques de Cybérie Les Chroniques de Cybérie
    Les Chroniques de Cybérie is an electronic magazine discussed on our French page about French internet documentations. This engine allows a word-search of these weekly pages. So it is a very small database, but the pages are rich in links to other good sites.

    Number of results to display :

  3. Ecila Ecila
    Very efficient for a search of the French Web. You can use boolean operators (ET OU = and, or). There is also news about the French internet.

  4. Euroseek Ecila
    This search engine is European and is also used by The Yellow Web.

  5. Excite Ecila
    Excite tracks down information by searching for concepts not just keywords. Updated weekly, Excite's database contains what the company claims are more than 1.5 million Web pages, 50,000-plus Web page reviews written by journalists, the latest two weeks of Usenet news, and classified ads. Excite also includes City.Net, news from Reuters, and an interactive cartoon.
    The searches of Usenet and E-mail are those of DejaNews and Four 11.

    Searchs Tips - Power Search

  6. HotBot HotBot
    The service of Wired is now a standard-setter. It has certain specific parameters which may be of interest.


  7. Infoseek Infoseek
    Good for a precise request, Infoseek allows one to search on the Web, and also in the Usenet News Groups and in the E-Mail addresses (it calls up the engines of DejaNews and Four 11).

    in Search Tips

  8. Lycos Lycos
    This comprehensive catalogue of the Internet finds what you need in seconds, including text, graphics, sounds, and videos. PC World magazine recently rated Lycos best of the top 11 Internet search engines as regards both quality of information and relevancy of results.

  9. Magellan Magellan
    Explore Magellan, McKinley's Internet Guide. Magellan provides reviews and ratings for a vast collection of Web, FTP, and Gopher sites, and Usenet newsgroups. Users can browse Magellan topics or search for specific keywords or phrases. Magellan's green-light feature indicates content that is deemed appropriate for general viewing.

    Advanced Search and Tips

  10. Savvy Search Savvy Search
    This queries some of the American search-engines on this page and some others, but you have to launch the search several times, and you only get the initial results.

    Opérateur : Et Ou Adjacent
    Numbers of sites displayed by engine:
    Display mode of results: Résumé Normal Detailed
    Integrate the results

  11. Voilà Voilà
    The search-engine of France Télécom for the French Web (more than 2.900.000 pages, in 1997).

    Domain - Contains
    More options

  12. Webcrawler Webcrawler
    The AOL search-engine is open to anybody.


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