Inventories of web-sites
They are often very badly sorted!
  1. Nomade Nomade
    Concerned with the French Web. Often better-sorted and richer than Yahoo France.

  2. QuiQuoiOu QuiQuoiOu
    The inventory of France Télécom, in French of course, is a little complicated, and changes too often. However its content is good.

  3. Yahoo ! Yahoo !
    Arguably the pioneer Internet guide, Yahoo has been accepting submissions since what seems like the beginning of it all. There's an editorial filter at work here - not every college student's home page makes it into the directory - but Yahoo's veteran status has allowed it to build a comprehensive cross-discipline resource base.

  4. Yahoo ! France Yahoo ! France
    The French version of Yahoo, concerned with French web-sites.

If you find any mistakes
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