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This page is common to the two Pressibus sub-sites, "Showcase of Freeware" and "Pressibus Internet perso".
  • The readers coming from the first site may want to search for some shareware. For this they will have to go to the second site, Pressibus Internet Perso in the chapter "Search engines". The listed sites also display freeware, don't forget...
  • And the readers coming from the second site may want to find out about the Pressibus freeware selection, on the first site.
  1. Freeware 32    Freeware 32
    This site is an inventory of freeware for Internet and Windows, and it is perhaps the most important I know of. But it consists of major freeware, including demonstration versions. There are also some tips and tricks, and a good choice of shareware.

  2. Freeware Connection    Freeware Connection
    What? Here, you still have not got enough freeware sites? Well, you only have to go to Freeware Connection. This consists of just one page, called "Freeware Super Sites", with more than 15 sites, with commentary on each one.
    You still want more? Go, elsewhere on the same page to Freeware Downloads. No comments, but many other links...

  3. Freeware Home    Freeware Home
    A simple and attractive site with fast access, well organised, and well-stocked. There are better ones, but they are less practical and less fast to use...

  4. Freeware Now    Freeware Now
    A well-organised site. There is a chapter about Hardware drivers for Windows.

  5. Freeware Publishing Site    Freeware Publishing Site
    This site publishes only freeware for Internet and Windows, and it is well-organised and explained. You visit, choose, download, test and use, the only cost is the communication and... the time !

  6. Freeware Web    Freeware Web
    This site is very well stocked. On the welcome page, you need to go to the link "Freeware Archive". And you will find yourself in a virtual attic...

  7. Nonags     Nonags
    Possibly the richest site? Includes fonts, icons and so on...

  8. Pressibus, outfit of freeware    Pressibus
    What? Of course, we are n not forgetting ourselves... These three sites are in French and in English.
    • The Freeware site offers a limited choice, but it presents a good selection of utilities for Windows, with screen pictures and tips.
    • The Ataxx site presents the most significant listing of Ataxx and Hexxagon games. Most of them are free. Also a few Java board games.
    • The Reversi/Othello site, with many free games, with some juggling required for the Java ones.

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